Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in!

We got hit this week with almost 10 inches of snow which is UNHEARD of in my neck of the southern woods!
The last time we got this much snow was in the late 80's!
I have not left my house nor gotten out of my PJ's for 3 days people!

So while waiting for this to thaw, school to start back and listening to day long conference calls from work...

I finished up this:

This is Tiger and Gamecock country, and one of my best friends is a die hard Gamecock fan, so I made this plate for her and her family. (ignore the gold plate holder, it will be painted black when it warms up enough to spray paint!)


  1. Shouldn't you be practicing on your new sewing machine? And don't you think you need a bath? LOL

  2. haha I did take one yesterday and it felt oh so nice! As for the sewing machine, I have a friend comeing to show me the basics!

  3. Your plate looks great! What did you use to put it on the plate with? I have some friends that would love something similar. BTW, I am a new follower from Sugar Bee.