Sunday, June 27, 2010

It is all about the G

OK so this slacker finally took some pictures and has some projects to post! My last name starts with a G so I decided to spread my favorite letter around the house some!

First is my message board.

I painted it black and then used my best pal cricut to cut out a template for my G.
The push pins I found at Target and are super cute with no work!
Yes there are some mishaps with the paint on the cork board and it's missing the hanging hooks but I still love it!

Project 2:
I picked this up at the GW and originally it had a chicken on it! I brought out the trusty spray paint, painted it black, modge podged some scrapbook paper and then glued my G on (picked it up at the Hob Lob)No more chicken!

Project 3:
This was a vinyl mistake with the cricut and I just can't waste vinyl so I stuck it on this glass container. I picked the container up at the dollar tree and then glued it to a candle stick I picked up at GW and spray painted black. I filled it with beans from the grocery store!

Project 4:
I purchased my door mat at Home Depot and then used my template again to paint the G on the mat.

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