Monday, September 6, 2010

What a Weekend!

With vacation, the kiddos football and soccer practice/games and school starting back I have been MIA, but this weekend I really did "Labor" and finally got some projects done around here!

Some with a little Cricut magic:

Wedding gift for a co-worker

Baby Gift for a friend at church

A little Halloween fun

and some with a little paint!

Hall table and electronic station (loving that green!)

Side table

and more Halloween fun!

I bought these little fellas at the Dollar Tree and painted them white and then used a little water downed brown paint to glaze them. I "borrowed" this little idea from someone in blogland but cannot for the life of me remember who! I browse a lot of sites and if I see something I like I file it away in the mental file cabinet and save it for later but that file cabinet usually does not remember where it came from!

**UPDATE** Thanks to the JohnsonFamily23 for reminding me where I found this cute idea!

These are a PB knock off as well as borrowed from the same site as above! They also came from the DT and were glazed as well because they were a little too white for me..

I still have a few more that are In Progress but whew I'm tired so hopefully I will get them completed for a post next weekend! They are more DT finds with a little cricut magic entwined!


  1. I'm loving your Halloween creations! On the pumpkins and the gift for your co-worker, is it vinyl you used? I'm doing the Stashbusting September challenge so no trips to the $1 store this month and I want, want, want those figurines!

  2. These are great! I LOVE my cricut!!!! I will have to borrow some of your ideas too. Hey, where'd you get your white hall table? it is gorgeous and I've been looking for a nice "half" table for my house...

  3. Wow, your decor looks great. Love the PB knockoffs.

  4. I really hope you got the idea for the Halloween figurines from me :) It was one of my favorite projects! They were so ugly to start with but turned out great. Love what you did with yours.

  5. HI! Welcome to blogging!! I'm Sarah. I love you cute pumpkins!! Are they Funkins or are they real?? And the skulls are great! I so need to do this!

  6. Hey! I am Anna Sams from Moon River and I love your Halloween decorations! I too am trying to get my blog off and running and would love to invite you to join me! I will follow you... Happy blogging and look at my linky party on Fridays... You might like to link up!


  7. lovely blog im following you through design chic's friday blog hop :)

    xxx love from the UK

  8. Thanks for following Three Crazy Munchkins- I'm now following back!

  9. Hi There!

    What wonderful projects! I really love Halloween, so I particularly love those projects!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend!

  10. Cute projects!!


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