Thursday, April 7, 2011

WOW! I've really been MIA for a while!!

Hello Friends! I just want to apologize for being gone so long! I’ve had good reasons though! My Grandfather passed away in November, so starting after Christmas and up until very recently I have been over at his house every spare moment cleaning up 60 odd years of collections.

My Grandfather always made comments about my Grandmother being a pack rat. She passed away in 1998 and believe me I don’t think she was the only pack rat in that house! The crap in that house simply amazed me! Once it was all cleaned out we (My mother, aunt, brother from another mother and myself) got to work on some much needed repairs and updates to get it ready for my brother from another mother to live in. I have Before Pictures but have not taken any After’s yet, but as soon as I do I will be posting them.

Things we did:
* When I say we I mostly mean the other 3! I'm a planner not a worker :)
  • Removed wallpaper in both bedrooms (Folks they had wallpapered the CEILING!!!)  
  • Replaced ceiling in Kitchen due to huge Crack in the middle
  • Added drywall to the bedroom ceilings (that wall paper was NOT coming down) 
  • Added Board and Batten to both bedrooms 
  • Removed wallpaper from Hall 
  • Painted Hall Paneling 
  • Painted Hall Wall and Trim.
  • Painted Bedrooms and Trim.
  • Painted Trim in Kitchen (IT WAS GREEN!!!)
  • Replaces just about every light fixture in the house.
  • Removed the 30 year old carpet and revealed some gorgeous hard wood floors.
  • Painted all ceilings in the house.
  • Replace the carpet in the Den (it did not have those gorgeous hard wood)
Things that remain inside:
  • Remove wall Paper in Bathroom and paint
  • Paint bathroom cabinets 
  • Paint Kitchen cabinets (Yep they are Green just like the trim!) 
  • Replace Kitchen floor 
  • Sand and Stain steps in the den 
  • Paint fake wood paneling in the Den 
  • Remove wall paper in living room and paint. 
  • Replace all door hardware

Things that remain outside:
  • Pressure Wash  
  • Paint carport 
  • Paint exterior doors 
  • Paint porch 
  • Yard cleanup 
  • Landscaping 
As you can see there is still LOTS to do, but my brother is all moved in, so we are all taking a little break from his projects and are starting a few of mine!

I did learn how to work a chop saw and a brad nailer so watch out Bob Villa.. I'm dangerous!

Things to do inside AT MY HOUSE! 
Stories of a House's Awesome tutorial

Laundry room

  • New Tile
  • Build Washer and Dryer Pedestal 
  • Board and Batten wall
  • Paint and replace light
Guest bathroom   
  • Remove wall paper
  • New Tile
  • Board and Batten walls
  • Frame out mirror 
  • Paint and replace light
  • Reface and Paint cabinets 
  • Remove wall paper 
  • Paint
  • Reface and paint cabinets
  • New cabinet hardware 
  • New Kitchen chairs 
  • Refinish table 
  • Replace curtains 
  • Add Granite 
  • Add Island  
Dining room
  • Paint
  • Replace Curtains 
  • Recover chairs   
  • Replace Curtains
  • Paint Furniture 
  • Board and Batten under stairs   
Office/Craft room
  • Add shelving 
  • Organize room 
  • Paint and Add Hutch over desk    
  • Paint 
  • Replace window treatments 
  • New bedding

Are these not FAB!

Things to do outside:
  • Repaint Wicker furniture
  • Make wooden Shutters for front porch
  • Mulch
  • Paint Garage door
  • Repair Pergola
  • Build swing set for kids


Dang, I have a lot to do at my house too! I’ve never actually listed everything out before! I also have several craft projects to do so you should be seeing more post from me soon!

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